Pig Linkee with ngLinkee is a gibbon monkey — a stuffed one.  He’s a toy, but still manages to get into a lot of trouble and to have plenty of adventures.

Linkee started out as an idea to keep in contact with our grandchildren while we traveled the U.S. to gather support for our mission work in Thailand.  The kids picked him out at the zoo gift shop, and I planned just to snap pictures of him at the places we visited.  Instead, I wound up writing stories about Linkee and his adventures wherever we went.

And the unexpected happened.  People heard about Linkee and started following his adventures.  Some Sunday School teachers started using his stories in their classes, using his exploits as a springboard to discuss Bible truths.  He even has his own fan club, with badges designed by one of his young fans.

Now we are in Thailand, and the blog followers are learning about mission life along with Linkee.  The kids here loved Linkee immediately, even though they can’t understand his stories. They are happy to pose with him and reluctant to return him to “Grandma.”  I hope you enjoy Linkee, too!

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