Linkee Says Goodbye

We are here!  We are in Thailand!  Already I’ve had a lot of adventures. This is a very different place than America.

But first I want to tell you about the last adventure I had before I left.  After all the travels I took with Grandma and Grandpa, we ended up in the place we started, Newcastle, Oklahoma.

“Today we will go to church at Sherwood,” Grandma said.  “The kids here have been reading your stories and really like you, Linkee.  I want you to be on your best behavior.

When someone tells me I must be especially good, it always makes me want to be especially naughty.  Anyway, if these kids have been reading my blogs, they KNOW I’m not always good.  But I told Grandma I would try to behave.

The kids were certainly glad to see me!  Right away I started having fun.  All the kids hugged me and played with me.

Sherwood Karisa

Ruthie and her Grammy made special badges. “These are for the Linkee fan club,” she said. The badges were hearts with monkeys on them. All the kids wore the special badges. I had one, too. I felt very proud.  Ruthie’s Grammy even made me a special bag to ride in.

Sherwood Ruthie

I had lots of friends here!  Suddenly I was sad at the thought of going so far away from my new friends.

Sherwood Gabe

But soon I was busy playing.  I played on the ping-pong table with Caleb, Karisa, and Elijah.  I tried to catch the ball.

Sherwood ping pong

“Linkee!” Caleb said. “We are playing ping-pong, not keep-away!”

I didn’t care what we played, as long as I could play, too.

Lots of people gave me hugs. I gave hugs and kisses, too.

Sherwood Abigail

Sherwood Alison and Libby

Sherwood Lydia

Sherwood Julia

Sherwood Eli

Sherwood Callie

Sherwood Caleb

Sherwood Hailey

Sherwood Charity

Sherwood Elijah

Macy couldn’t hug me, but I gave her a kiss.

Sherwood Macy use

Jacob thought I was funny.

Sherwood Jacob

Isaac was wearing glasses.  I decided I would like to wear glasses, too. I tried to take them off.

“No, Linkee,” Isaac said. “Glasses aren’t toys.  I need them to see!  Let’s find something else for you to play with.”

Isaac glasses

I played with Levi.  He brought his horse Harry to meet me.

Shewood Levi and Horse

The grown ups ate while we played. They had a big party. But everyone looked sad.

“Everyone is sad because we are moving far away to Thailand,” Grandma said. She looked sad, too.

I didn’t want to leave my new friends. I liked having a fan club. I liked having lots of people to play with.  I had an idea.

“Nobody wants us to go to Thailand,” I said to Grandma. “And you and Grandpa are sad about going. So let’s just stay here.  Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

Grandma held me on her lap.  “It’s not about what we want or what will make us happy, Linkee,” she said. “We are going to Thailand because God wants us to go there.”

“How do you know?” I asked. “Did He send an angel with a message for you?”

“No,” she said. “But He did let us see lots of people who don’t know anything at all about Him.  When we were in Thailand we also met many people who are Christians, but they don’t have anyone to teach them more about God.  And we saw many children who don’t have mothers and fathers.  They need us there. God spoke to us quietly in our hearts and let us know this is the new job He has for us.  When God tells us to go, we know that is what we must do. He is the boss!”

I thought about that.  Did she say something about children?

“Yes, Linkee,” she said. “There are children there.  I think you will be happy to get to know them.”

I didn’t want to leave my friends in America, but if Grandma and Grandpa are going, I guess I will go, too. Grandma is always saying that God knows best, so maybe I will like it there.

And I do!  I will tell you all about my trip and about my Thailand friends next time.

Your friend,


1 thought on “Linkee Says Goodbye

  1. Linda Wilgocki

    Aww that is so cute! I would be sad too if I had to leave all my friends Linkee! But remember in the new land you will find so many friends that you can make happy by telling them the love of Jesus. I’m going to read this story to my grandsons the first chance I get. Now you be good and we will wait to hear about your next adventure! God Bless! Love, Grandma Linda


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